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Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Perfect Wedding Speech

The Perfect Wedding Speech
Giving a wedding speech or wedding reception toast might be nerve-wracking, but it actually is a great honor. Your speech or toast is a chance to honor the bride and groom and honor the special occasion.
Not sure where to start? We ha a few tips to help you out.
Before you begin to write your speech, jot down some thoughts about the couple's relationship, how they met, how you know them, their personalities, or general thoughts about marriage (as long as they're good thoughts). Once you have some of these thoughts down on paper, it usually becomes easier to craft a heartfelt speech or wedding toast.
Keep in light hearted, this is a day of celebration and everyone wants to stay in a cheerful and happy mood. Its important to mention loved ones that have past or people that cant attend the Wedding due to illness etc, but make sure you start your speech and end it on a high note.
Finally, don’t speech for too long. I know you have a lot you want to say, but speeches are more effective if kept to five to six minutes in length. There is normally a few speeches and guests will lose concentration if speeches are longer than twenty minutes in total. As in Hollywood, to be popular and successful, you should leave them wanting more….


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