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Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Debs Dress !

Debs Dress Disasters: 5 Debs Dress Mistakes to Avoid
Debs Dress Disasters: 5 Debs Dress Mistakes to Avoid
 Dream Dress with a Nightmare Price tag
 Don’t dress like a twig if you aren’t one
 Don’t make a bad color choice.
 Less is More ? seriously
 If its not right ? its just not right!

1. Money!
Don’t buy a dress that honestly doesnt look great on you just because the price tag is nice – it’s only false economy. If you don’t have the money for something straight off the Hollywood red carpet, then get creative. Borrow or rent a dress, attack the sales, you could get the perfect dress for a fraction of the original cost. Price does not equal style – the price tag should not dictate your decision but it’s definitely a factor. A €600+ dress is not necessarily more stunning than one for €200, but a great option to make a designer dress affordable is to rent it!
Remember, you can get a dream dress without a nightmare price tag.
2. Don’t dress like a twig if you aren’t one.
If you’ve actually got a figure, don’t go for the straight look, it just wont work – trust me. Go for something to work with your body not hide it or change it! Be yourself! Everyone has their own body shape regardless of your dress size, the key to a great debs dress is to understand your body shape and how to dress it to make the most of all your assets.

3. Don’t make a bad color choice.
Pick the right color. Have you ever looked over, and saw the sickly looking girl in the yellow dress? Well, that goes to show you, PICK THE RIGHT COLOR FOR YOUR SKIN, ok? Your skin doesn’t change color, the dress does. Don’t be a fashion victim – just because canary yellow looks fantastic on Kate Hudson does not mean it will look as good on you.
4. Less is More … seriously
You can show off your legs, you can show off your upper body, you can show off your back, but it’s best to keep it classy and just pick one!
Don’t over accessorize! Choose accessories with care – they can add to create a stunning overall look or can make a dress look tacky. Proceed with caution on this one ladies!
There’s definitely a type of bra to go with any debs dress – get the underwear right and it will really pay off!! Get advice from an experienced debs dress sales assistant to guide you in this area – they’ll be more familiar with the unusual underwear requirements for these specialized dresses.
5. If its not right – its just not right!
Don’t get talked into a dress you don’t truly love. You might need to try on a load of dresses but it will be worth it. The average girl tries on at least 20 debs dresses before finding the one, so be patient. And don’t forget to bring a friend, your mum, best friend or sister to give you an honest opinion.
But don’t be too picky in the beginning; how a dress looks on the hanger is not a good indication of how it will look on, you may be pleasantly surprised but remember if its not right – its just not right, move on to the next dress!
Once you have the Perfect Dress, you need to make sure you have the Perfect Venue for your Debs Night. For this, look no further than The Four Seasons Hotel & Leisure Club in Monaghan, just 1 hour 15 mins from Dublin and 1 Hour from Belfast. The Four Seasons Hotel & its New Niteclub MeXX have great Value Debs Packages with lots of options for your Evening Entertainment. For more information on their Debs Packages or to request a Brochure call 047 81888 or visit

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